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Apr 14 '14

Why Adults are Annoying and Ignorant

  • /Youtube video of kids not understanding or knowing what 20 year old technology is.
  • Kids: What is this? Whats it for? What the heck? Uh?
  • Adults: Wow these kids are stupid they don't understand what a walk man is! Even though the technology hasn't been seen for 20 years?! what a bunch of dummies!

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Apr 14 '14

I’m probably going to figure out how to ban some web sites so that I can promote some studying for the next 3 weeks because its crunch time!

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Apr 14 '14




Portal is probably the last major video game release that didn’t star a white, 18-35 year old white dude with short hair, stubble and a scowl. That game came out six years ago.

I don’t understand how people can get mad and confused when you point out that there’s not enough creativity or diversity in video games. Granted, there was definitely room for growth in the 80’s and 90’s, but we’ve fallen way behind since then. We used to have space pilot furries and master thieves. Dragons, bandicoots, hedgehogs and plumbers. Women who were archaeologists and bounty hunters.

So why are we still marketing games exclusively to fraternity douchebags? There’s no excuse for having such narrow goals in 2013.


For my followers entering the entertainment industry (games, movies, tv, etc) remember that you may get the chance to bring new ideas to the table. :)

This is really interesting but somehow it also makes me sad. I miss the colourful, happy mascots! And the googly-eyed animals! ..Especially the googly-eyed animals.

Maybe its because I haven’t really been keeping up with video game news but I don’t even know or care about any of those characters from the last decade but uh


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Apr 14 '14

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Apr 14 '14


The truth can be spiritual.

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Apr 14 '14

Anonymous asked:

The problem with diversified portrayals in video games is that one small misrepresentation of a certain race/gender identity/sexuality/religion, etc. and people will eat the developers alive. It's just all very risky, even with a diversified team trying their best to be accurate without being stereotypical, someone out there will find a reason to complain about how "poorly portrayed" the character is.


So it’s better to never take risks and have the cast of games be white men for all eternity? I’m not asking that in sarcasm, I’m honestly wondering if that’s what you mean. It’s personally not something I’d like to see- I’d rather see greater diversity that matches up with what we actually see in real life. Most of the world, for instance, is not white.

I think the ire of people’s response isn’t proportional to the desire for there to be characters of differing race/gender/sexuality/etc- and I don’t think the risk of response as big as what you may be proposing.

I think to make strides you need to take risks. I understand that the big name AAA game companies aren’t going to want to do that when their bottom line is profit (and all risk is bad- just remake shooter number 5 a hundred times, those sell, etc). But I think they’re hurting their profits by neglecting a market they could be tapping into. All in all, people DO like representation. People like to see themselves represented in some way, it’s comforting that their existence isn’t being ignored in favor of what’s quick and easy. When I worked at the toy store, I saw this first hand with the sales of Sophia the First versus Doc McStuffins. While not video games, I believe the same sort of principle will hold true.

What a bunch of bologna. 

Children of color are different, sure, but they’re human beings. No one is going to blow a gasket if you are sincere about what you’re trying to do, and you do the research to back up your stuff. 

I say TAKE ALL THE RISKS!!! Make something that relates to EVERYONE!

Also, little reminder that creators aren’t just white but also POC so they should be allowed to create shows for their kids too, not just my kids.

Just saying!

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Apr 14 '14

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Apr 14 '14

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Apr 14 '14

i’m so mad. i’m so fucking mad.

Apr 14 '14

I’m so close to making a user name on Penders’ forum to tell him what an asshole he is for using the excuse that because he grew up in a time when “Nazis were being ferreted out” that its excusable for him to be a fucking asshole.

You’re an asshole. You’re a fucking asshole. Just apologize. Just say it was a fucking mistake and fucking apologize.

GOD i’m fucking DONE with this Ken Penders bullshit. I can’t even bring myself to like Knuckles anymore because of this asshole. FUCKing sHIT i’m going back to 1994 and playing sonic and knuckles and pretending this fuck shit doesn’t exist okay

I’m tumblr savioring Ken Penders, I can’t take this asshoel anymore 

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