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This is why we don’t take you anywhere Vector


This is why we don’t take you anywhere Vector



Is there something wrong that I feel more sad, than angry, when someone takes out their dislike or hate of a character towards someone cosplaying as said character? More so because you can’t help but assume that people like that can’t seem to separate fiction from reality?

Its super unfair that people would do that to the hard work that you and the photographer did. Its like telling a fan artist that you don’t like the subject but you like the art still?

Like, I don’t like home stuck but I don’t approach everyone who draws and tell them that. 

*shrugs* Its not that hard, guys. Be nice on the internet and stop putting others down.




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And the former was necessary to say because?

Not hating the person who cosplaying as Chris, but we all know the kid made Sonic X unbearable to watch at times.

'we all know' implies they agree with you, and they don't, because obviously they happen to like the character. The person you replied to WAS the cosplayer, and they obviously ENJOY Chris, so why was mentioning that you hate him necessary at all? Did you think that through?

To further back up the evidence that not all people hate Chris, let me just voluntarily say that I like Chris Thorndyke.

Repeat: I like Chris Thorndyke.


Before anyone asks, because I got this allot at San Japan: No. Cosmo is not a little kid, or a person, dressed up in a suit. It is a poseable, up to scale(enough) plush/puppet that I made with interchangeable facial features. I don’t have the patience to babysit. Pfff!

YAY best friend cosplay

it was an interesting cosplay to say the least. i had to watch her struggle with the puppets the whole weekend laughs.

i’m glad she got to do a photoshoot with cosmo atleast! <3<3<3


Inspired by this

I miss Fini-mun and Jack and Raven and Robotnik mun and

Basically everyone come back to mama bear’s arms


New Hyrule Warriors Screenshots introducing the Skyward Sword theme (and Zelda with the Wind Waker)

Gimme gimme gimme